Caring For Your Crystals.

Caring For Your Crystals.

Posted by Jordan Church on 25th Feb 2020

Crystals are stunning, mystical and powerful. They are made up of minerals, formed underground and found all over the world. Carrying a high vibration, they have the ability to heal, protect, manifest and transform energy. Crystals can absorb energy – positive and negative, from the air and people around them. They are also exposed to lots of different energies as it travels from its origin to you. This can misalign with your energy and deter it from what you intend to use it for. That’s why it’s important to cleanse, charge and care for your crystals.

How Do I Cleanse My Crystal?

After you have received your crystal you should always cleanse it straight away. For crystals that will not be damaged in water like amethyst, turquoise and quartz, they can be held in natural running water or in a colander under a tap for 5-10 minutes. This will neutralize any negative energy stored in the crystal and direct it back to earth. You can also immerse your crystal in salt water over night. Salt water has been used throughout history to absorb unwanted energy and negativity. The ocean is perfect for this. If you don’t have access to sea water, a tablespoon of sea salt or table salt mixed in a bowl of water will do just fine. Make sure the whole crystal is submerged. Rinse off any residue and pat to dry.

Photo credit: Sean O, Unsplash

To cleanse and charge your crystal at the same time, you can place your crystal into direct sunlight/moonlight. Placing your crystal directly on to the earth will also allow further cleansing. Place your crystal in a safe spot just after dusk and bring it back inside before 11a.m. Recharging & cleansing your crystal on a full moon will increase its vibrations. 
*Be careful not to leave certain stones like amethyst & rose quartz in strong sunlight, as they are susceptible to discolouration.

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Using sage will clear negativity and restore the crystals natural energy. Make sure you’re near an open window or outside to allow the negative energy to disperse. Move the crystal through the smoke of the sage as it burns for around 30 seconds. This method is great if you want to clear the energy in your house too!

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You can also use visualisation to restore your crystals energy. Take a minute to ground yourself. Holding your crystal in your hands picture yourself with beautiful, bright, white light filling your hands. Let the radiant light envelope your crystal while the unwanted energy is being flushed out.

Photo credit: Sarah Johnston, Unsplash

How Often Should I Cleanse My Crystal?

You should cleanse your crystal at least once a month. If you are using your crystal for healing, it should be cleansed after every session. When you’re not using your crystal, store it in silk or velvet to keep your crystal safe from damages & negative emanations.

I’ve Cleansed My Crystal, Now What?

Now, enjoy! Enjoy the pure & blissful healing that your crystal will give you. Place your crystal around your home or workplace in a way that aligns with your intentions. You can also place your crystal on parts of your body and chakras where you feel you need healing. 

Photo credit: Sarah Brown, Unsplash