The Master Healer - Amethyst

The Master Healer - Amethyst

Posted by Jordan on 10th Nov 2020

Amethyst is an effective healer for all life-forces, humans, animals and plants. Named the Master Healer, Amethyst belongs to the quartz family and is a popular crystal for healers and collectors. The name Amethyst stems from Greek Mythology, meaning ‘not drunken.’ Ancient Greeks would decorate their wine goblets with Amethyst as they believed this precious stone would prevent them from being intoxicated. Today, Amethyst is widely used for a variety of disorders, in the body, home and workspace.

Ranging from deep purples to dusty lilacs, Amethyst is an extremely soothing and calming stone. From clearing negative energies in the environment to easing headaches and stress, Amethyst really can do it all. Because of its ability to protect a person from intoxication, Amethyst can be used, alongside other treatments to treat addictions and bad habits.

Amethyst connects to the Third Eye Chakra and the Heart Chakra, helping to heal them and restore balance. It is a perfect tool for anyone someone who is experiencing sadness, grief or developing their spiritual awareness.

Amethyst for Health

Amethyst is exceptionally supportive to those who feel stressed and overwhelmed. Its natural comforting energy soothes worries and tension. Because of its neutralizing qualities, Amethyst can help balance mood swings, anxiety, fear. It’s also a great crystal for those who are more ‘hot-headed’. As well as calming the mind, this stone can enhance your focus and memory, and is often used by people in the arts to enhance their creative energies.

Amethyst is great for assisting those experiencing insomnia, especially from an over-active mind. It boosts hormone production and stimulates the endocrine and immune systems. What’s more, amethyst can reduce swelling and bruises and can help when treating some hearing disorders. Not only that, this beautiful stone also stimulates blood flow and circulation and can help to reduce headaches.

The Third Eye and Crown Chakras are extremely stimulated by Amethyst as it is a balancing stone that offers protection from harm and healing. By stimulating the Third Eye Chakra you will enhance your intuition, learning skills and memory. When the Crown Chakra is stimulated, it gives you a higher sense of purpose and strengthens your connection to the universe.

Amethyst for Spiritual Development
Crystals are incredibly useful tools when it comes to spiritual development. We are able to harness the powerful energies they hold, allowing for transformation and a better connection to the universe. Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals used universally to open the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, activating spiritual awareness and enhancing psychic abilities. This stone also guards against psychic attacks and negative energies with its light of protection, a valuable tool for anyone practicing psychic or intuitive work.

How to use Amethyst

Amethyst is an excellent crystal to meditate with. Because Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, placing Amethyst on your forehead during meditation will enhance stillness in the mind, allowing the user to be enveloped in a tranquil meditative state. Using Amethyst during meditation also encourages new ideas and a deeper understanding of your consciousness. Always cleanse and charge your crystals before using them. You can also use an Amethyst Pendulum to reveal any answers you seek.

Use it to Manifest
Amethyst is great at aiding you in letting go and moving forwards. Always have your crystal cleansed and recharged before any type of manifestation. Hold the amethyst in both hands, sit comfortably and quietly, close your eyes and express your intention. It can be out loud or in your head, ensure your intention is clear. This is known as ‘programming’. Once you have programmed your crystal with your intention, its energies become more powerful, making your intentions become reality. An intention when using amethyst could be something like: 'It’s time to Trust in the Magic of New Beginnings. Let Go of the Past and Move Forward in your life.'

In the Home
Soothing Amethyst promotes a peaceful nights sleep when placed under your pillow, also helping those who suffer from insomnia. Putting Amethyst in the kitchen or bedroom is a great way for clearing any negative energies and geopathic stress. It emits positive energy creating a stress-free environment. Be sure to cleanse and charge your crystal at least once a month.

At Work
Amethyst’s balancing quality makes it perfect for those who have stressful jobs or a job where important decisions and debates have to be made. Not only is Amethyst a beautiful decoration to have on your desk, it will help improve your focus, memory and enhance your concentration. Be sure to cleanse and charge your crystal at least once a month.

Wear It
Wearing Amethyst jewellery is a beneficial way to reap all of its amazing healing properties. It will help with addictive behaviours and also help to protect you from absorbing any unwanted negative energies. Always cleanse and charge your crystal before using them.

*Photo credit: Grant Durr, Unsplash