‘Move On’ Manifestation Gift Box

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“Move On” Manifestation Gift Box

It’s time to Trust in the Magic of New Beginnings. Let Go of the Past and Move Forward in your life. 

The Crystal 

Amethyst Laser Point Crystal. Amethyst is known for aiding in Letting Go of Attachments helping you to move forward. It is great for purifying your aura and accelerates the development of Psychic ability. Amethyst Crystal connects to your Crown Chakra. Learn more about The Master Healer.
Size and colour may vary.

A gentle reminder to  Move On Anklet.

18 carat Rose Gold plated Anklet. Measures 26 cm length.

The Pendulum

Each Amethyst Fox Attic Magical Manifestation box holds an Amethyst Crystal Pendulum. Each Pendulum has instructions of how to use and let the Magic begin. Amethyst Crystal is great  for dissolving negativity. Activating Spiritual Awareness. Opening Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities. 

The Manifestation Gift Box

The Amethyst Fox Attic Luxury Magical Manifestation Gift Box. Magnetic snap shut, front flap closure. Secured with an Amethyst Crystal Button. Waiting for Your Wishes to be placed inside.

Product Care For Jewellery

To prolong the life of your Anklet we suggest that you store it separately to avoid scratching. We suggest that you remove before bathing, swimming or using abrasive chemicals to maintain the colour.